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Organize earbud cords with this $1 product.

Are you sick of reaching into your handbag or work tote and pulling out a tangled mess of cords and cables? I was too until I noticed what a friend of mine was using to organize earbud cords in her bag.

Between earbuds, charging cables, and backup battery cables we all waste a lot of time trying to untangle the cords we want from the others, without accidentally pulling out pens, lipsticks and keys.

I know, I’ve been there. See my everyday below. I’m always taking the earbuds out to jump on meeting calls and then shoving them back in to run off somewhere. I don’t like the little cases for organizing the earbud cords because it takes for.ev.er to wind them around the poles. If I’m going to be organized, it’s going to have to be organized AND fast.


Then one day I was out shopping (at Homegoods, where else?!) with a good friend of mine. She started rummaging around in her handbag for something…I don’t remember what. What I do remember is when she pulled this out.


I was blown away. I’m all like what.is.that?!

The Solution

It was hair elastics!

Okay, yes. I do pride myself on being an #organizingboss. So why didn’t I ever think to use hair elastics to tame my cords? I used them to pull my hair back, so it’s not like I don’t have a bunch of them lying around the house.

And here’s the best part…they were only $1 at the Dollar Tree store. Not $1 a piece, $1 for 15 of them! And really pretty too!


Now look at my cables. And it wasn’t enough for me to tie up the cables in my handbag, I had to tie up all the cables in my storage box.

This is a serious no brainer.